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The PAC was founded on the mission of creating and maintaining the ideal model of an ambassadors program within the endurance sports industry.

The PAC is eager to expand the business's existing successful member-centric infrastructure to offer more coaching resources at a variety of levels.


An endurance sports coach for the PAC is the primary point of contact for all athletes under their supervision. Our coaches are expected to be readily available and able to respond to all communications from their athletes within a reasonable amount of time.  Providing a custom coaching experience is of paramount importance.  This custom experience includes creating an individualized training plan in Training Peaks, as well as providing ample feedback, encouragement and advice to each client. 

Coaching services are primarily executed remotely and from an online setting. Coaches for the PAC are also expected to regularly engage with members of our ambassador program infrastructure -- establishing a personal connection with these athletes is essential to growing your coaching roster. Engagement within these groups may include, but is not limited to, giving advice, sharing workouts, organizing seminars, etc. Engagement primarily happens in our private team Facebook groups, on our ambassador program websites / mobile apps, and through bi-weekly newsletters. Coaching contracting positions with the PAC traditionally begin as a part-time, but we are seeking individuals interested in growing into a full-time position with the PAC.


We are looking to add highly motivated individuals to our coaching staff. Extensive training will be provided to qualified candidates, and they must demonstrate the capability to coach at the expected level prior to being contracted by the PAC. Once contracted, new coaches typically ramp up with a smaller roster until the coach is comfortable and proficient with the tools and systems used by the PAC to provide seamless coaching relationships.

Beyond job training, the PAC will provide ongoing support to coaches by handling administrative tasks associated with coaching. This allows the coach to focus solely on developing their roster and tending to their athletes' needs. These administrative tasks include onboarding new clients, processing payments, accounting, on-demand coaching help/advice, on-going training for coaches and more. The PAC also provides liability insurance to all contractors.

Job duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Creating a periodized roadmap for each client

  • Creating a custom fueling plan for each client using our company template

  • Writing custom training plans using our library of pre-written workouts in Training Peaks

  • Providing timely feedback and communicating professional, competent advice to clients about their training

  • Responding to all forms of communication from clients (who pay for that service)

  • Marketing coaching services and building a client roster

Sought skills and traits:

  • Candidates should have in depth understanding of the triathlon, cycling and running industry from the athlete level

  • Candidates should be outgoing, personable, communicative and well-spoken

  • Candidates must be available, reliable, and professional

  • Candidates should have strong written and verbal communication skills

  • Managerial and/or leadership experience is desired

  • Sales and/or customer service experience is desired

  • Candidates should have Microsoft Excel competency

  • College education in a related field is preferred, but not necessarily required

  • Candidates should have a strong desire to build their coaching roster, and to provide leadership as an authority and expert in their field

  • Candidates must be willing to engage with clients regularly online. This includes engagement through social media, like Facebook

Preferred experience (please include any applicable on application):

  • Any endurance sports related certifications (USAT, Ironman, USAC, etc)

  • Participation in triathlon (and/or other endurance sports). (Especially Ironman and 70.3 finishers)

  • Pro/Elite level race results

  • Experience coaching athletes and/or operating a personal coaching business

  • Previous or current involvement with local, regional or national endurance sports communities (online or in person)

  • Any coaching specialties, such as mountain biking, strength and conditioning, ultra running, sports nutrition, etc


Coaches for the PAC typically retain 60% of the revenue generated by their full service clients. Coaches have additional opportunities for compensation through the management of group training programs, participation in camps / clinics, etc.


This position can be performed from any location.

How To Apply

Submit your resume and a brief cover letter on why you would like to work with
Peak Athletic Collective to

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