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AJ Baucco found his way into the world of endurance sports when he was 20 years old. What started as a plan to get healthy, quickly turned into an obsession with being the best athlete possible. Over the next few years, he progressed in the sport until he was able to make the jump into professional racing. 
Immediately, the triathlon industry knew that AJ was different from the other professionals. AJ had spent his teenage years playing drums and touring with a punk rock band. So when he started to make some noise in the triathlon world, the industry noticed. Companies were quick to work with AJ because he brought a new style and voice into the sport. This allowed AJ to start building relationships that would be crucial to the development of his career. 

After a few years of racing triathlon professionally, AJ had built up a small fan base that would become the springboard for the launch of his first company, AJ Baucco Coaching LLC. While that company began with AJ helping a few friends, it quickly grew into one of the larger coaching companies in the industry. Since its inception, AJ Baucco Coaching has worked with over 500 athletes and has contracted work to over 25 coaches. 
While that company was taking off, AJ continued to pursue his athletic career. He managed top finishes at every distance from super sprint to Ironman. This included two series championships and six wins with Major League Triathlon. While AJ was climbing the ranks in the world of professional triathlon, he noticed a shift in the industry. It was becoming harder for professionals to earn a living from prize money and sponsorships. In an effort to increase sales, many companies started to shift their focus away from the professionals and back to the age groupers. 
AJ noticed this shift early and decided to launch his own age group triathlon team, called the Baucco Squad. The original squad consisted of 100 athletes from around the world. Those athletes became an extension of AJ, which positively impacted his relationships with sponsors and race organizations. Companies weren’t just sponsoring AJ, they were also sponsoring 100 like-minded amateur triathletes at no additional cost to them. 
The launch of the Baucco Squad paved the way for a new way of thinking about sponsorship, and as the industry continued to shift, AJ’s new business started to take form. While he was organizing and managing his own team, AJ noticed that his efforts could be equally as impactful if he helped manage other struggling teams in the industry. That gave AJ the idea to take over management of TRS Triathlon, a triathlon team centered around an infamous triathlon podcast called TRS Radio. With more athletes under his infrastructure, AJ became even more beneficial to companies in the industry. The following year, AJ decided to take this idea further with the launch of Team INFINIT Performance, an ambassador team centered around INFINIT Nutrition. 
When the creation and launch of Team INFINIT Performance was wildly successful, AJ decided to launch two more teams, ENVE Racing and Team Stages. Those teams were based around industry leaders, ENVE Composites and Stages Cycling. And just like that, Peak Athletic Collective was born. 
Peak Athletic Collective continued to launch more ambassador team programs each season. In less than 5 years, they had launched 10 successful programs, summed to over 10,000 ambassador athletes, and aided in sales of millions of dollars of partner product. 



Erin was always an active kid, but growing up in the dance world didn’t translate well to throwing, kicking, and catching when she wanted to play a “real sport” in college. Consequently, when Erin read “no experience necessary” on the Arizona State club triathlon team website, she took that as an open invitation.

Erin recalls showing up to run practice at dark o’clock and getting her butt whooped. Challenge accepted. In this new world of running, cycling, and swimming, Erin craved every ounce of adventure, challenge, and community. Emphasis on the community.

She realized her desire for “real sport” was deeply tied to her desire for “real community.” Challenge accepted! With the support of some incredible friends, Erin transformed the no-experience-necessary group of collegiate triathlon misfits into a thriving roster of athletes at all skill levels. Just in time, too, as this community ended up being a safety net to her as she battled through a hip injury and surgery her senior year.

Graduation meant that Erin had to get a real job – she landed in Dallas, TX working on the corporate side of endurance sports. As she was swearing to take a break, heal up, and settle in behind a desk, Erin overheard a crew of co-friends signing up to do a 70.3 together… Challenge ACCEPTED! The #fomo was too potent and she wound up on the start line, surrounded by workplace co-friend teammates once again.

Outside of her 9 to 5 job, Erin’s race schedule kept rolling. She toed the start line at 3 full IRONMAN triathlons in 2018. An age group win in Mont Tremblant extended her season into IRONMAN World Championships in Kona.

Clearly community has been a core component of her joy and experience in endurance sports. Erin’s mission since that first dark o’clock run practice has been to connect with people in the context of activity, and connect people to the activities that they love. Her skills, drive, and resilience make her uniquely capable of both ideating and creating the support systems and tools our communities need to thrive.



Born and raised in Toronto, Brent Hawley grew up playing competitive hockey. From a young age, he understood that effort and teamwork were the cornerstone to success.  Brent left Toronto to pursue a post-secondary education in Thunder Bay. It was here that Brent started his first business in event production and music services.  A business that he maintained for the next 15 years, and one that still flourishes today. This passion for business and growth eventually led to working with a large media outlet. Brent’s love of conversation and entertainment started to lead toward a career as a radio announcer and it wasn’t long before he was hosting various morning shows throughout the region. This lasted for the next decade.

On one of those morning shows, Brent was introduced to the sport of triathlon. A co-host made mention of Brent’s participation in a recent marathon and said that while completing a marathon was impressive, if Brent wanted to be a real legend, he needed to do an IRONMAN. Not knowing what an IRONMAN was, not owning a bike nor realizing the work it would require, Brent accepted the challenge. That morning, he registered for his first triathlon, IRONMAN South Africa.

Brent didn’t know anything about transition, had no idea what a “watt” was, and thought Skittles were necessary nutrition. During that first IRONMAN, Brent quickly learned that triathlon was extremely daunting. He was hooked.

Brent’s career on the radio was enjoyable, but with long winters and short summers, it was only a matter of time before he would leave the snowy white landscapes of Northern Ontario and trade it in for sunsets on the Pacific Ocean. Brent’s love of warm weather and triathlon led him to the beautiful clear waters of Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

Since moving to the United States, Brent has been fortunate to immerse himself in the world of triathlon. In 2017, Brent competed in the IRONMAN World Championship. In 2018, he joined the IRONMAN Foundation and was able to provide charitable contributions around the world.

Today, Brent’s love for sport and community only grows deeper. He considers himself to be extremely lucky to work alongside so many like-minded individuals at Peak Athletic Collective.

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Starting at the age of 5, Tim Delss spent his formative years competing. From team sports to auto racing, Tim was always looking for a way to find his limits. After being lured into some local running races by a friend, Tim quickly found his home in the endurance sports community.

As Tim spend more time competing, learning, and making friends in the endurance sports community, he started moving towards teaching and mentoring new athletes. Tim quickly found that helping other athletes achieve their goals was the path he wanted to pursue. That pushed Tim to dive, headfirst, into the world of endurance sports coaching.

After 5 years of establishing himself as a successful local coach, Tim left his career in Fire Protection Engineering to become a full-time endurance sports coach. That same year, AJ Baucco and Tim formed a relationship. By the end of 2017, Tim had moved his personal coaching company, CB Multisport, under the AJ Baucco Coaching umbrella.

The decision to partner with AJ started to pay off. Tim’s roster of athletes continued to grow, and eventually, he found himself managing the largest roster in the company. Over time, Tim started assisting with more of the daily operations of the company. He also took on new responsibilities mentoring and training less experienced coaches.

With the creation of Peak Athletic Collective, the decision was made to rebrand AJ Baucco Coaching so that it would become a part of the larger Peak Athletic Collective brand. So Tim was asked to take control of the growth, development, and daily operations for Peak Athletic Coaching.

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