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Having fun, pushing your limits, and a healthy balance of whatever life throws at ya. Whether that's tacking on an extra mile or an extra scoop of dessert, or sharing a pint or a finish line with a friend, we need it all.

Our products reflect that (balanced macronutrients, real food ingredients, chocolate chips!) and so does our brand credo. If that sounds like you, keep reading - sounds like we'll get along.

We're looking for runners, cyclists, triathletes, outdoorspeople, and other endurance athletes of all types + abilities. Your stoke matters, your speed does not! People who enjoy connecting with their sweaty community online or in person, who like eating real food that tastes good, and who like Picky as a brand and product enough to want to tell their friends about us. We're not podium hunting - heck, we don't care if you never intend on toeing a start line - we're seeking out wholesome people who are always chasing after their best life.

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