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Stages Cycling founded Team Stages, an endurance racing team targeted at multi-sport athletes of all ability levels, in 2019 to represent the Stages Cycling brand both on and off the race course. Team members are selected annually for a season long membership to train and race for Stages Cycling.

Even though most endurance events are regarded as individual endeavors, age group teams are becoming increasingly popular. Endurance athletes are realizing that having a support system of teammates is a phenomenal way to stay motivated and level up their training and racing. Joining an age group team such as Team Stages comes with a long list of benefits -- camaraderie amongst members being one of the best. Meeting up with team members at races and seeing each other out on the course often makes the high pressure competitions even more enjoyable and exhilarating.

Athletes selected to join Team Stages come from all walks of life and have a wide range of ability levels. Stages Cycling seeks athletes for membership who are outgoing, supportive, motivated, and looking to improve their performance.

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